Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saddlebred Horse Necklace

This Saddlebred Horse Necklace is .925 Sterling Silver Horse Jewelry for the Equestrian.

Saddlebred Horse Necklace

Saddlebred Horse Necklace

This horse pendant is about 1-1/4 inch tall and about 1-1/2 inches wide. It is a great medium size horse necklace designed for the horse lover! The American Saddlebred Horse necklace is a wonderful gift for any horse lover.

The Saddlebred Horses are noted for their gaits; five of the main gaits are: the walk, the rack, the trot, the slow gait and the cantor. They are truly amazing to watch.

Gold Horse Pendant - Horse Jewelry

Three Quality Standards of Silver Equestrian Jewelry
  1. To be quality jewelry , the horse jewelry should be made of at least .925 Sterling silver.
  2. The buffing and polishing of the Horse Necklaces will determine the luster of the horse jewelry. The finest of care should be used to bring out the beautiful shine of the silver.
  3. The Design and carving of the Horse Pendant is of paramount importance. This determines the whole character of the piece of equestrian jewelry.

Grow Your Successful Jewelry Business by Serving a Market Niche

There are literally thousands of niches in the jewelry marketplace that can provide a comfortable source of income if you choose to specialize in serving a particular need.

You will have a lot more business if you become known as the jeweler who specializes in a particular type of jewelry (for example, plus-size jewelry, men's jewelry, Victorian styles, wedding jewelry, etc.) than if you try to make all jewelry for all people.

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Here are a few more examples of jewelry niches that have a definite market: – religious jewelry incorporating symbols or elements of a particular faith – school spirit jewelry with school colors and/or school mascot charms – sterling silver horse jewelry – butterfly jewelry – metaphysical or crystal jewelry – awareness jewelry (breast cancer awareness, AIDS awareness, etc.) – mothers'/grandmothers' bracelets with children's names on them – allergy-free jewelry – birthstone jewelry – body jewelry – wedding jewelry and bridal tiaras – Renaissance fair jewelry.

So go ahead – pick a jewelry niche to specialize in, and enjoy the rewards of becoming known as the guru of that niche!

How To Find The Perfect Horse Gift : Silver Jewelry

If you have ever known a horse enthusiastic lady or girl, you know, the one thing they want to talk about is: horses. They love and passion to this exceptionally beautiful animals are endless and infinite. It comes naturally, they want to spend most of their time around horses. For them, being in the horse barn, grooming their horse, or go for a horseback riding with their horse lover friend is like having an island of peace of their own. Time stops to exist. All real life problems seems to vanish in an instant as soon as they are in the presence of their beloved horses. Some of them have the opportunity to keep the horse on the property where they live, they are the lucky ones. Unfortunatelly those horse enthusiastics, who have to board the horse in a boarding stable have to experience the separation anxiety any time they go home and leave the horsey behind.

To ease the emotional pain while they are not around horses, they love to surround themselves with Horse Themed Merchandise. It can be anything horse related, in any part of the house. They decorate the bedroom with horse themed items, the horse art print is probably hanging on their living room wall, horse candles are everywhere, not to mention horse books and magazines sitting on the table, and if you are invited for a dinner, you will be served with horse dinnerware for sure. You can check the time if you look at the horse clock what is hanging on the wall. They will even decorate the car with horse car mats, horse travel mug and horse bumper stickers. And of course, they don't just decorate their home with equine merchandise, they also love to enhance their own beauty. Horse lover women love to wear Horse T-shirts, horse accessories like silver jewelry . They carry a horse tote bag with their horse address books and horse note pads in it. They love to show off their passion to the HORSE in every way they can. Therefore it is not difficult to come up with a great gift idea, if you want to surprise a horse lover friend or relative on holidays or any other special occasion. You just have to know where to start to look for these special and unique horse gifts.

Sterling Silver Horse Jewelry

Sterling silver horse jewelry is one of the most beautiful kinds of animal jewelry. Fashioned after the splendid beast, horse jewelry holds a fairy-tale appeal. And when horse jewelry is cast in shimmering sterling silver then the allure increases manifold.

Silver is the one of the very best available materials for making jewelry of all shapes and kinds. It is beautiful, durable and affordable, and you can keep it for a long time to come. Sterling silver horse jewelry can bring out the lovely splendor of a horse to the fullest. And when silver is studded with diamonds, the brilliance is further enhanced. The popular items of silver horse jewelry include pendants, brooches, rings, earrings, toe rings, pins, anklets, bracelets, cufflinks and much more. Sterling silver horse jewelry also includes items of body jewelry like nose rings, navel rings, eyebrow rings, and so on.

Sterling silver horse jewelry depicts the magnificent animal in its various moods and postures. It can have a figure of the horse standing, leaping or running at lightning speed. A horse head with the mane flowing in the wind is a popular theme. Similarly, a mare with a foal is a very touching theme, and jewelry depicting it can act as a perfect gift from a son to his mother. Kabana horse jewelry made of silver is also quite in demand.

Whatever the design, silver horse jewelry goes very well with trendy attire. It is very popular with youngsters.

Sterling silver horse jewelry is an important part of any horse jewelry collection and the perfect gift for horse lovers. sSterling silver horse jewelry is horse jewelry at its best.

Horse Jewelry For Horse Lovers : Silver .925 or 14k Gold

Horse jewelry and Gifts are an excellent choice to pamper the Equine Show person. For someone who is a true admirer of these beautiful animals, there is not a better to way to show your kindness than to reward them with a gift of Sterling Silver Horse Jewelry or 14Kt Gold Jewelry. The only choice is: Do I want the Earrings, Necklace, watch or Bracelet? Well, there is one other choice; do I want my jewelry in 14kt gold or Sterling Silver (.925)?

One thing I have noticed about being around horse lovers is their unending admiration of the most beautiful animals on Earth - I love all animals, but I have never seen such loyalty from a group of people towards their animals like the Equestrian. There may be many breeds and associations, but one thing all true "Equestrian people" have in common is their love and appreciation for these gorgeous animals.

When searching for jewelry for themselves or their friends most people have found that higher quality jewelry has been quite difficult to find. Much of the jewelry found today is made from cheap pewter and numerous worthless alloy metals. Try to find a store that is dedicated to making gifts of quality that are made from the finest of metals. Sterling Silver is one example: it is a very durable metal and is quite affordable. It is beautiful and is truly designed to be a keepsake. The luster and illumination make it quite a conversation piece wherever people gather. We use Sterling Silver for all types of jewelry, everything from necklaces to earrings and everything in between including watches, pendants and bracelets. For someone who wants the very best Gift, the 14kt Gold Jewelry is their "wish and desire". The Gold Pendants are of the highest quality and make a statement, "I love (my) Horses". If one of these Gold Pendants is given to someone who owns a horse, it says "I CARE about you." "I love you." If you buy one for yourself, it says the very same thing! We are dedicated to giving the Equestrian the very best Jewelry available.

Horse Jewelry Boxes

The horse is very elegant and beautiful animal. Horses have always been the inspiration of artists, and have found a place in many a work of art. Horse jewelry boxes bear the images of the stately animal, and act not only as wonderful keepsakes but also as excellent gifts for horse-lovers. They are usually made of finely polished wood of different colors and types. They have motifs of horses engraved or painted on the lid. Horse jewelry boxes are often lined with velvet inside. They are usually rectangular, but they come in various sizes. Sometimes, horse jewelry boxes are also made of silver or other precious metals.

The various themes depicted on the horse jewelry boxes are as varied as the craftsman's imagination. They can vary from a galloping or running horse to just the face of a horse with a regal expression on it. Horse jewelry boxes often bear the images of horses in all their grandest postures. Some even have images of riders and jockeys riding on graceful stallions of all colors, while others even have pictures of magnificent carriages drawn by horses. Some boxes also have pictures of carousels on them.

Horse jewelry boxes can be used for a wide range of purposes. They act as excellent centerpieces, blending with the furniture and decor of a room. They are often used to store different paraphernalia like stationery or make-up in addition to jewelry. Whatever the purpose, horse jewelry boxes are certainly elegant pieces of art to be cherished and treasured.